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Genealogical Research

Woodruff, Bentley, Stone, O'Kane, Back, Meisburger, and Diringer families

     Helen Stone Woodruff was a talented amateur genealogist. She worked before the internet and amassed a history of her childrens' ancestors working with cousins' oral histories, family photographs and documents, and genealogical resources available at the time.

     After more than 20 years' work, she compiled books for the family lineages of the 4 grandparents. Those books and that research is shared here. I scanned the books. The "raw" scans of the pages of those books are available here. The navigation is rudimentary; it's better than not having the information available.

     Helen wrote narratives for the four lineages in a standard format for reporting genealogical results. Those narratives are available here.

     Over the years I have populated a Reunion (A Genealogy application for the Apple Macintosh) with the information, pictures, and stories she collected. Pages generated by Reunion are available here.

     I am also putting this information in with the account name bgwoodruff3.

Helen Stone Woodruff (1910 - 1993) with her mother Anna Back (1885 - 1955) with her mother Louise Meisburger (1857 - 1938) with her mother Mary Diringer (1834 - 1917).